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RichMediaX is an advanced ad network for bulk buying media advertisers.
If you host ads with custom scripts or rich media requirements which go beyond standard specification or IAB-formats, you can deliver by RichMediaX.
We deliver ads reaching out to html5 and canvas on Mobile Devices and Computer screens besides default specification, exceed file size and limitation by networks.
RichMediaX allows advertisers to increase view time by predictive algorithms, serving dynamic banners inline in rich media browsers only and target on advanced performance attributes.
In addition to average length of stay, we are the first and only exchange who offers ad views with guaranteed average view time.

Delivery requirements:

Ads must not interrupt layout or features out of the ad slot.
3rd party ads mustn't redirect to other networks or mediation platforms for reselling.
RichMediaX is delivering ads on ad networks and disallow abuse or redirection.
Ads with media file size above 400KB, are set up by customer service and approved on or campaign start or change of campaign settings.
Ads with video streaming content are allowed if user-initiated or mute on view.
RichMediaX offers bulk-service on fixed pricing by cpm, max daily budget goals, country targeting, instant reporting.


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Ad Networks

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